Paneer Recipes: Paneer is one of the most important items in the Indian vegetarian meals. Paneer is rich in protein and is primarily used in curry dishes as well as dough, fried.. More>>

Indian Chicken Recipes: Chicken dishes are one of the favorite food items for non-vegetarians. It takes little time to cook and options for variety are unlimited...More>>

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Indian Food - An Insight

Indian food is diverse due to different its diverse culture, people, religion and environment. The most common ingredient in all the food recipes is the use of various types of spices. There are different eating patterns for people living in North and South India. The staple food for North Indians consists of roti and rice where as South Indians mostly eat rice or rice based foods... More>>

Indian Food & Vegetarianism

India hosts largest number of vegetarians in the world. Religion is one of the important factors in the trend for this vegetarianism. This trend is now changing with changing times and non-vegetarians are common in the castes where meat eating is prohibited. Large part of Indian meal... More>>